Your Savings Plan for 2016

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Saving money is probably the last thing on your mind in January. Your Future Now is committed to modern-thinking financial education and we are here to help you save almost R14 000 within a single year.

A lot of articles out there talk about savings and encourages readers to save but doesn’t provide readers with an actual plan. Talk is cheap and Your Future Now is taking action and enabling our dedicated Your Future Now readers to save in 2016.

How does it work?

This article contains a 52-week savings plan that will enable you to save up to R13 780 this year. This savings plan can be very effective but requires a lot of discipline. Make the decision to save this year by committing to our practical savings solution for 2016. The plan is simple to understand – you save a set amount each week for 52 weeks. You can download your own savings plan at the bottom of this page.

You start off week one by saving R10; in week two you save R20 and in week three you save R30. You continue saving R10 multiplied by the number of that week until you reach week 52, the last week of the year, where you have to save R520 for that week. By the end of the year, you will be looking at a total savings of R13 780.

Personalise your savings plan

No one knows your finances like you do. If you feel like our version of the 52-week savings plan is not compatible with your personal finances, you can always adapt the plan to better suit your needs. Look at alternative versions of this plan like inverting the amounts by starting out with R520 in week one and ending with R10 in week 52. You set your own goal amount and divide it by 52 weeks to see how much you have to save each week.

Earn interest while you save

We recommend that you deposit your savings into an interest bearing savings account with a bank of your preference. If you think you will be tempted to withdraw from your savings account, make sure the account limits early access to funds. Going to the bank every week can be tedious, but could be rewarding if you’re looking to add to your savings. Consider banking your savings from time to time throughout the year. This way, you can earn interest while saving and look forward to an even bigger savings amount at the end of the year.

Accept the challenge

Challenge yourself this year to reach your ultimate savings target of R13 780 by following this savings plan. If you fail to reach your target, don’t be discouraged and see this as a failure – any form of savings still deserves a pat on the back. Remember to share this savings plan with family and friends so they can also benefit from this savings plan.



Download your own savings plan and print it out so you have a physical copy at hand.

Stick the printed copy onto your fridge or keep it somewhere in sight so you’ll be reminded to deposit your weekly contribution.

Find a jar, container or piggy bank that you can use throughout the year that you’ll use to deposit your weekly contribution.

As we’re in February, we’re behind on our savings plan schedule. You need to deposit one hundred rand to catch-up the first four weeks of January that you have missed.

The first week of February is week number five – this means you have to deposit R50 this week. The week thereafter, ending on the 14th of February, is week six, this means you have to deposit R60 next week.

Save R10 multiplied by the number of week until you reach week number 52, the last week of the year where you’ll have to deposit R520.

Download your plan here

(File size: 115KB)

Disclaimer: This plan was originally created for American audiences by Kassondra Perry-Weaver, a personal finance enthusiast from the USA. Kassondra granted Your Future Now permission to adapt her plan for South African audiences.

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