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The year is officially coming to an end and the summer holiday is upon us. Hopefully, all our Your Future Now readers will have more time on their hands over the next month or so. Whether you are going away over the festive season or if you’ve decided on a staycation this year, here are some helpful hacks to help you make the most of your summer, without breaking bank.

Home-made Ice tea

Staying cool during the South African summer is essential. Instead of drinking litres of fizzy drinks to keep cool this summer, make your own ice tea. Simply boil 2 litres of water in your kettle, pour it into a glass container and add 4 bags of your favourite tea. You can add sugar or honey to taste. Allow the tea to cool down completely and then pop the jug into the fridge. You can even add some ice to speed up the process. Allow the tea to chill in the fridge for 4 hours or overnight. Depending on where you shop, a single tea bag can cost anything from 0.20 cents. Either way, this will be more affordable and healthier than any 2 litre fizzy drink. Enjoy a refreshing and healthy drink with friends and family. For different flavours of ice tea, either add fresh lemons, mint leaves, ginger or cucumber to the hot water jug.


South Africa is currently experiencing the worst drought in 23 years so use water sparingly this summer. On the other hand, remember that every cloud has a silver lining. Make good use of the African sun this summer when you’re doing your laundry. Instead of using a tumble dryer to dry your laundry, save money on your electricity bill and let your clothes dry outside.


Summer time means braai time in Mzansi. Switch to a gas braai this summer and enjoy better savings on your electricity bill (or charcoal bill for that matter). A single gas cylinder will go a long way and could see you braaing quite a few times before you have to refill. A gas braai produces half as much carbon emissions as that of a charcoal braai – something to think about with this current drought situation. Moving your kitchen outside will save you money but it will also keep your house cool. Using your stove or oven creates a lot of excess heat that ends up going nowhere else but your house.

Vacation time

If you’re going on vacation over the festive season, be a responsible citizen of Mzansi and save electricity by switching off all appliances and utilities that might consume electricity unnecessarily while you are away. This is not limited to your geyser. Unplug or switch off appliances like your microwave, stove, television and computers. You might be pleasantly surprised when you receive your utility bill next month. Unless you want your fridge to become a hazard zone, consider giving away all the food in your fridge that could spoil while you’re away.

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