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It’s that time of the year when South Africa’s roads are dangerously busy and its beaches packed like a tin of pilchards. Wish you were there? You don’t have to be green with envy because your social media is flooded with photos of family, friends and colleagues having the time of their lives at the coast. Just because a holiday break is beyond your financial means this year, it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have fun this festive season. Going nowhere for vacation (or having a staycation) has its perks. Your Future Now made a list of tips so you can enjoy the ultimate staycation.

Be a tourist

Why is it that we think we’re only tourists when we’re not in our own home town? If you’re home over the holidays, make full use of this opportunity and explore your home town. If there’s a museum you haven’t been to or a tourist attraction you haven’t seen yet, why not learn more about what your town has to offer? If your town has nothing to offer, visit a nearby town or take a road trip through the province you stay in and explore the wonders of South Africa.

Time is ticking

We’re all living in a fast-paced world, stuck in some sort of routine. This staycation, break away from your routine and do the things you never seem to have time for. Why don’t you go to the movies with family or friends, or go see that theatre production that you have been meaning to see? Catch up on your hobbies or spoil yourself with a spa treatment at home. Use your time off to do the things you love or try something you’ve never tried before. Rock climbing anyone?

The great outdoors

You’ll struggle to find a better summer than a South African summer. Make the most of your time off by moving your life outside and enjoy the great outdoors that Mzansi has to offer. If you are fortunate enough to have your own private garden, relax outside with a book. If lazing around at home sounds too boring, go be an explorer and find nearby recreational activities that suits your personality and your budget. For those without a back yard, visit a local park with family and friends. If you want to cool off in a pool but don’t have one, see if your local gym offers day passes for once-off visits. Tip: Always wear sunscreen when you know you’re going to spend the day outside.

Start fresh

This might not seem like the best way to spend time at home but hear us out. Undertaking the task of getting your home back into shape can be rewarding in more ways than you might think. Wash everything from your curtains to your carpets and start the new year fresh. Sort out your cupboards and throw out unused items or sell it online. You might just make some money out of this. If you have clothes that you haven’t worn in years, donate them to those in need.


Never got around to finish those DIY-projects throughout the year? Make a list of projects you’d like to finish (or start) over the holiday season. From home improvements to building your own whatever, take the time during your staycation and make some DIY magic. Don’t see these projects as work – you’re supposed to relax while you’re away from your 8 to 5 job. Remember why you started these projects in the first place and have fun.

Get Creative

Let your creative juices flow this holiday by pushing your creativity to the next level. Whether you’d like to experiment in the kitchen, rearrange some furniture, tackle your out-of-control garden or pursue an art project this summer, now is your time. Get some ideas from the internet or magazines and get down to business.

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