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How much do you spend on clothes a month? Do you budget to refresh your wardrobe at the start of a new season? Or do you buy on the spur of the moment only to end up with too many clothes that you don’t actually wear. Maybe now – with all the beautiful summer stuff in the shops – is a good time to think differently about what you wear and how much you spend on it.

Most people have budgets for their accommodation, food, transport, education, medical expenses and so on. But according to Glynis Mackenzie, a consultant who helps women to understand who they are and then plan their wardrobe accordingly – it is rare to meet people who budget for their clothes. “It is as if people are ashamed of the money they spend on clothes,” she says. “And especially women hide what they spend not only from their partners but from themselves as well.”


Glynis thinks this is because we don’t understand that our clothes have an important job to do – other than covering our bodies.

You know how some outfits make you feel like a million bucks, while in others you just want to hide in a corner? That’s the difference between clothes that are right for you and clothes that are not. And in order to buy more clothes that work for you, you have to get to know yourself a bit better.

If you have the right clothes for your personality, lifestyle and physical proportions, they become much more than a fashion statement – they become a statement of who you are.

Clothes that show who you really are, help you to attract the right people and the right opportunities, and they very effectively enable you to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

But you have to do this consciously.

If you keep buying more and more clothes that don’t suit you or fit you, you’re wasting time and money and cluttering up your life. If you simply buy what the fashion magazines or celebrities tell you to, you’re spending your money in the wrong area.

The golden rule is to have fewer clothes but wears them all. To achieve this, think about your lifestyle and your personal style before you hit the shops. Get advice on the styles and colours that suit you best, and think about why you love a certain dress or pair of pants so much.

Armed with these insights, you’ll find shopping a whole lot easier. Instead of buying more stuff that you don’t wear, you’ll have fewer clothes but all of them will make you look and feel your best.

And then, of course, there’s the budget to help keep you on track.

It’s extremely empowering to know your financial situation. The confidence and peace of mind that come from taking control of your money will increase your self-respect, confidence and self-esteem. It feels good to treat your material means with respect, rather than letting your money slip through your fingers.

Be aware of how much money comes into your account each month and where you need to spend this money. Keep a record of everything you spend so that you have a clear picture of what’s available for your clothes budget.

When you’re not spending carelessly, every area of your life will be positively affected. No longer will you get a sinking feeling when you open your wardrobe and see all the clothes that you never wear, all the clothes that still have their tags on and all the stuff that’s still in bags, crowding your space and weighing you down.

Instead, your bank account will be healthy and your wardrobe filled with clothes you love and wear.


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