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So, it’s spring! As we pack away our coats and jerseys, and think about how to get rid of winter’s extra kilos, how about trying on some new money habits too? And we are not talking about what you do with your money. Instead, we are suggesting you think about money differently. The thing is that the way we think about money shape our behaviour. It makes sense, therefore, that when you start thinking about money in new ways, you have a chance to behave differently too.

So come on, just because it’s spring, let’s try something new every day of the week.

Monday: check your talk this spring 


By simply using different words, you stop yourself from thinking in scarcity terms and you open your mind to new possibilities. And because your mind is open to new possibilities, you will notice them more easily. Let your financial mind expand and your money ideas bloom this spring.

Tuesday: save before you spend in spring

When money flows into your bank account, save some BEFORE you start spending! Why? Because we adjust our behaviour to match what we have. If you earn, for example, R1000 and you don’t save anything, chances are that you will spend the full R1000. But let’s say you put R100 away in another account where you don’t see it, chances are you will manage with the remaining R900.

Now, your Tuesday spring challenge is to start putting something away each time money flows into your life. Remember it’s not the amount that counts, it’s the habit that makes all the money magic difference!

Wednesday: let’s make a wish this spring

Set goals for your money so it knows what it is going to be used for. So, if there’s something you want to do, make a wish and really get into it. Instead of telling yourself it will never happen, allow yourself to dream in great detail. And then start preparing for it. If it’s a trip you want to take this spring, dust off your suitcase, look at transport and accommodation options and draw up your trip budget.

This will sound crazy, but by being prepared, doing your planning and research, clearly defining how much you want and getting excited about the prospect, you are preparing the way for the money you need to flow into your life.

Thursday: say thank you in spring

Let’s get grateful for money and what it allows us to do. All we ever seem to do is complain about not having enough money, so how about a new habit for spring that is all about gratitude. So this spring, let’s try saying thank you to money for all it gives us and allows us to do.

Here are some examples:

You took a trip to the supermarket? thank money for the items it is buying you.

When you use your phone, thank money for making it possible to stay in touch with the people who are important to you.

Each time you buy a friend or family member a gift, thank money that you have enough to share with others.

Again this may sound crazy, but when you get grateful for what you have, you start looking at the world – and money – with different eyes.

Friday: get educated this spring

Do you believe that money is complicated and you will never understand it? That is also one of the big reasons why you may struggle with money. With the new season, get a new mindset and start learning about interest, credit scores, budgeting, savings and investing. Once you get to know money and how it works, your money journey will get much more interesting and positive.


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