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It’s November and we’re already being exposed to radio ads, billboards and leaflets that promote the festive season and the ‘great savings’ we can look forward to. Being bombarded with festive season marketing makes it hard to resist the urge to buy into the biggest consumerism season of the year. Your Future Now looks into how you can avoid buying into the hype and stay within your budget.

Planning & Budgeting

Before we dive into this, let’s talk about planning first. Have a discussion with the people you’ll be spending time with during the festive season. Talk about expectations but also be realistic when planning your time together. Discuss and agree on each person’s monetary contribution towards the special day or holiday. A well calculated budget can see you getting more out of this upcoming festive season. Planning is essential when it comes to budgeting. Remember to be realistic and honest when it comes to setting up your budget for the festive season. If you usually give gifts to family and friends, set a price limit for every gift and be sure to stick to it. Indulging in food over the festive season can also break your budget in a single bite. Even though the festive season is all about spending time with family and friends, it doesn’t mean that we have to overindulge. Remember that January is still on its way – some South Africans get paid earlier than usual in December and that means they have to stretch their salary from the early December until the end of January.


If you are thinking about going away for a well-deserved break this year, be sure to draw up a proper budget for your holiday. Your holiday should be included in your annual budget. If you’re looking to travel locally this festive season, remember that peak season rates will apply to all coastal areas and some centrally located areas. Read our article on planning your next holiday if your holiday planning skills aren’t up to scratch.

Get Creative

Having a hands-on approach with your gifts, decorations and wrapping paper can see you enjoy better savings this festive season. Get your creative juices flowing and make your own holiday decorations and wrapping paper this year. Giving a handmade gift wrapped in handmade wrapping paper is possibly the ultimate gift. Handmade gifts are special and will also be appreciated a lot more because.

Online Shopping

Online shopping is becoming more popular each year. A lot of people prefer doing their shopping online to avoid the festive season rush. Another benefit of doing online shopping is that you won’t be tempted to buy unnecessary items. If you choose to do your festive shopping a little differently this year, remember to do your online shopping early as most online shops have delivery cut-off dates during this time – you don’t want to explain to your kids that Santa didn’t show up this year.

Don’t buy into the hype

Resisting the urge to buy into the hype during the festive season can be extremely hard, but also financially rewarding.  Some items literally go on sale one day after the festive season ends. Remember that this time is not about how many gifts you give or about the price tag attached to each gift. Spending time with your loved ones can be the greatest gift. Be sure to make and spend time with the special people in your life.

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